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Polymorphe Latex Videos

Here's are a few latex fashion and latex fetish videos we have participated in over the years.


Enjoy this time immemorable short film, and explore the multiple facets of latex fetishism.

A Film by Dominic Vincent, Celebrating the 10-Year Anniversary of Polymorphe, starring Bianca Beauchamp. Featuring original music by Francis Vincent.


Heroes of the North

Latex Fetish Queen Bianca Beauchamp plays Crimson, a Super-Villain in the web series Heroes of the North. This ad was shot by Martin Perreault, for Polymorphe Latex Fashion, who designed the latex hero & villain costumes for the series.


The Rubber Room

Bianca Beauchamp stars in a heavy-rubber short featuring a Polymorphe catsuit and corset.


Not So Casual Fridays

A behind the scenes short showing what happens at Polymorphe Latex on "Casual Friday". It's not so casual after-all.


Fetish Evolution 2009

Bianca Beauchamp and Martin Perreault at Fetish Evolution 2009 wearing Polymorphe Latex.


Polymorphe Workshop Visit

Visit to the Polymorphe Latex workshop as featured in Bianca Beauchamp's All Access II.


All Access II Trailer

A trailer for the behind the scenes film documenting the Montreal Fetish Weekend. Directed by Martin Perreault, hosted by Bianca Beauchamp and featuring the many fashions of Polymorphe Latex.


Entertainment Spotlight

Entertainment Spotlight. The interviewer wears Polymorphe latex fashion at the end of the interview.


Culture du X

Interview with Bianca Beauchamp and Martin Perreault for Culture du X. Bianca is transformed into a latex Marilyn Monroe in Polymorphe Fashions.


Rendez-Vous du Cinema Quebecois

Bianca Beauchamp in a red Polymorphe catsuit at Rendez-Vous du Cinema Quebecois.


The Pony Girl Transformation

Behind the scenes interview of latex fetish icon Bianca Beauchamp by Martin Perreault, of a business woman who transforms herself into a rubber pony girl.
Photoshoot for Marquis Magazine featuring very special cutom-made items by Polymorphe.


Bianca VS Aria

Photoshoot for Bizarre Magazine, with latex, fetish icon Bianca Beauchamp and sexy, glamour model, Aria Giovanni. Featuring special-made fashions by Polymorphe Latex.


The Grey Living Room

A behind the scenes video, shot by Martin Perreault and Gil Perron, featuring fashions by Polymorphe Latex. This shoot appeared in MARQUIS Style Magazine and stars, Jean Bardot and Bianca Beauchamp.


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A green product that comes from the sap of the Rubber Tree.
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